Administrative Forms

Please fill in the appropriate electronic form for your request, print it, submit it to your PI/Professor who will authorize and forward it to the purchasing assistant for processing. You may send comments, questions, or feedback concerning the functionality of the administrative forms to BEES Administrative Unit at

General administrative forms

Approved Transactor Information:
RC Sutton – 951-827-2690 –
Timm Hannem – 951-827-6166 –

Scheduling Forms

Room 1444 - Calendar opens at the beginning of each quarter.

Pierce 2330 - Calendar opens at the beginning of each quarter.

Pierce 2343 - Calendar opens at the beginning of each quarter.


Pierce 2353

Vehicle Reservation

Forms and policies for field trips

Department Fieldtrip Checklist
UCR Auto Incident Report Process
UCR Department Faculty Field Handbook
UCR Dept Student Field Guidelines
UCR DMV pull
UCR Fieldtrip Itinerary Form
UCR Field Trip Student Policy Signature
UCR Out of State driving Form
UCR Liability Waiver - Required
UCR Liability Waiver - Voluntary
UCR Liability Waiver - Group 
UCR Student Driver Agreement Form
UCR Student Health Statement
UCR Vehicle Dept Guidelines Sign
UCR Vehicle Passenger Waiver

Academic forms

Research/special Studies Form 
Request For Earth Sciences Special Studies (190) Or Senior Thesis (195)

Graduate student documents

UCR Earth & Planetary Sciences PhD Qualifying Exam Expectations & Rubric