The Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences offers the M.S. and Ph.D. in Geological Sciences. Graduate education in the Geological Sciences emphasizes general geology combined with a number of specialties. The department prides itself on being collaborative and offers an interdisciplinary approach to a range of research specialties.

Below is a list of some of the research topics our department offers and associated faculty. Feel free to contact faculty members with specific questions.

Active Tectonics
Faculty: Funning
Researchers: Kyriakopoulos

Faculty: Bekker, Droser, Fogel, Love, Kane, Lyons, Ridgwell

Biogeography, Landscape Ecology and Conservation Biology
Faculty: Minnich, Sadler, Scott

Earthquake Processes and Geophysics
Faculty: Barth, Dieterich, Douilly, Ford, Funning, Ghosh, Oglesby
Researchers: Kyriakopoulos

Exoplanets and Planetary Science
Faculty: Kane, Lyons

Global Climate and Environmental Change
Faculty: Allen, Bekker, Droser, Hughes, Love, Lyons, Minnich, Sadler

Neotectonics and Structural Geology
Faculty: Barth, Morton, Sadler

Organic & Paleoenvironmental Evolution
Faculty: Droser, Hughes, Love, Lyons, Minnich, Sadler, Scott

Paleontology, Paleobiology, Paleoecology
Faculty: Droser, Fogel, Hughes, Love, Lyons, Sadler

Petrology, Geochemistry, Geothermics
Faculty: Bekker, Brounce, Dobrzhinetskaya, McKibben, Morton

Sedimentary Geochemistry and Organic Geochemistry
Faculty:  Bekker, Love, Lyons

Faculty: Bekker, Hughes, Sadler