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2022 Earth and Planetary Sciences Departmental Scholarship Opportunities


The Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences is soliciting applications for the Blanchard Graduate Scholarship in Fall 2021 for use in Winter 2022 or Spring 2022. Awards consist of one academic quarter GSR appointment (tuition + stipend). Additional eligible expenses such as equipment or travel may be considered and require an additional budget narrative. Eligibility is limited to graduate students working on any aspect of field geology, mineralogy, or geochemistry of mineral deposits other than oil. Awards will be made based on merit and need, but will be particularly focused on graduate students in their last year in need of funding. 

Application Requirements: Please fill in the Google form linked below, and provide the needed attachments: (1) a one-page research statement (2) a one-page curriculum vitae (3), budget (if requesting funds in addition to a GSR), and (4) contact information for one letter writer. By submitting an application, the applicant agrees to allow the scholarship committee access to their UCR academic transcripts.

Application deadline: November 1, 2021.

Later in Winter or Spring 2022, we will circulate another application for additional scholarship support in the Summer/Fall of 2022.

Please send recommendation letters (and any questions) to Dr. David Oglesby (, Chair of the Scholarship Committee. 

—David, Eddie, Wei, and Andrey (the Departmental Scholarship Committee)





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