Geology Student Organization (GSO)


Who We Are and What We Do

The Geology Student Organization (GSO) consists of students who are interested in the earth sciences and participating in outdoor excursions. We encourage students to learn about their local geology and to become knowledgeable members in their communities. We do this through informative trips that unite us with nature either through hiking, rockhounding, or camping, and also participating in local volunteer opportunities.

GSO is also an academic resource for students. Members, with an earth science background, are available to provide advice and assistance to students with any geology related coursework. We also help students build strong networking connections with UCR faculty and local geoscience professionals. Establishing these connections is beneficial for future professional and academic pursuits.

Join Us

We attend monthly meetings of the Inland Geological Society (IGS), the Association of Environmental and Engineering Geologists (AEG), and other events with guest speakers of interest. GSO also hosts regular meetings on campus throughout the year. If you are doing an internship or research work and want to share your experience, then don’t hesitate to e-mail us ( You can use our next meeting to practice for a presentation or to simply share your research experience and skills.  Being a member will ensure that you are updated with information on these upcoming events.

We appreciate the interconnectedness of the many different branches of science, so GSO is inclusive of the many majors offered at UCR. We welcome all students to join us for one of our regular meetings or field trips! Join our club on HighlanderLink.

GSO Officers


Astrid Garcia


Vice President
Alicia Lopez


Julian Morales


Michael Morin


Event Coordinator
Thomas Johnson

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