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UCR’s Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences focuses on research and education about Earth’s dynamic nature and history. Students and faculty investigate planetary, geological, atmospheric, and dynamical processes operating at a wide range of spatial and temporal scales and our research interests span many disciplines within the Earth and Planetary Sciences. Here you can get to know more about current and ongoing research within the department.

The department is a close-knit group of faculty and students that get together several times a week for seminars, informal discussions, and BBQs held weekly on Fridays outside the Geology building. With small class sizes and many opportunities to interact with faculty, postdocs, visiting researchers, and other students, the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences is an active and attractive environment for learning and research. We are particularly proud of the successes of our students, many of whom have attained prominent positions in academia, industry and elsewhere.

UCR is the perfect setting for field-enhanced undergraduate training, graduate study, and postdoctoral research in Earth and Planetary Sciences. The campus lies at the gateway to the mountains, beaches and deserts of southern California. We are within driving distance of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, San Andreas Fault, Mojave Desert, Death Valley and many other important field locations.

The Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences is able to maintain its outstanding teaching, research, field programs, and student scholarships through contributions from our alumni and organizations. Your financial support can make a difference and is much appreciated!





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