UCR Earth and Planetary Sciences Research Museum


Core Values

  • Discovery: We promote greater scientific knowledge by curating rocks, minerals, and fossils, and by making them accessible to scientists locally and around the world.
  • Inspiration: We encourage curiosity and appreciation for earth and planetary sciences through classroom engagement and outreach activities.
  • Inclusiveness: We work to make science accessible and relevant to all demographics and to eliminate barriers to participation.
  • Quality: We endeavor to operate a museum that consistently meets current professional and ethical standards.
  • Endurance: We strive to maintain museum resources and values indefinitely for the benefit of current and future generations.


The Collection

The UCR EPSM collection was established soon after the founding of the University of California - Riverside in 1959 and maintains more than 120,000 catalogued fossils, rocks, and minerals, in addition to uncatalogued bulk samples.

Invertebrate Paleontology Collection

Large collection of over 100,000 specimens of plants, invertebrates, and lower vertebrates from world-wide localities.  Includes specimens used in teaching paleontology, reference material, theses collections and type specimens figured in publications.

Rock Collection

5,500 rock specimens, some with thin sections, often in suites from various areas, that serve as reference material for studies of regional geology and a range of lithologies.

Tunnel Economic Mineral Collection

Suites of ores, minerals, and country rock from more than 550 economic mineral deposits the world over.  Used for research reference and for teaching economic geology.

Display Collection

450 specimens of rocks, minerals, and fossils originally used extensively in displays, outreach, and teaching.

F Collection

525 samples of igneous and metamorphic petrography rocks used primarily in mineralogy and petrology courses. Each specimen usually consists of one hand sample and multiple derivative thin sections.

P Collection

Nearly 500 lots of igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks.  Each lot contains multiple hand samples and occasionally thin sections, used primarily for teaching petrology.

Sand Collection

Bulk samples of a wide variety of sediments representing 200 different source materials and transport environments.  Used primarily in teaching sedimentology.

T Collection

More than 750 teaching specimens originally collected and catalogued for specific courses.  The original set of GEO courses at the time this collection was created has since changed and most of the samples are now used in other classes or for display and outreach.

Primary Mineral Collection

Over 2500 mineral specimens from around the world.  Used for teaching, displays, and general reference.

Schultz Mineral Collection

Over 1500 mineral specimens donated as a single lot by the relatives of an avid collector.



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