Fossilized remains of Dickinsonia found at the Nilpena Heritage site in Australia. (Scott Evans / UCR)

Paleontology, Paleobiology, Paleoecology


Paleontological studies in the Earth and Planetary Sciences Department focus on both field data and quantitative analysis to address questions ranging from evolutionary paleoecology to body plan evolution in trilobites.
  • The earliest multicellular life-Ediacaran fauna.
  • Ecological shifts and community dynamics through the Ordovician Radiation, the Late Devonian Mass Extinction.
  • Ecospace utilization of encrusters through the Cenozoic.
  • Utilizing geometric morphometrics as a tool for delineating microevolutionary patterns in trilobites
  • Paleozoic paleogeography of the Himalayan region
  • Development of trilobite body-plan
  • Stratigraphic and geochemical record of the biosphere across the Pre-Cambrian-Cambrian boundary.
  • Integration of biostratigraphic sequencing and cladistic analysis of faunas
  • Improving the resolving power of Paleozoic time scales by computer sequencing of hundreds of localities and thousands of events.

Faculty Involved: DroserHughesLoveLyonsSadler

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