colorado rock formations


Two people standing on a huge rock formation overlooking the ocean

Stratigraphic studies at UCR integrate aspects of classic stratigraphy, paleontology, sedimentology, geomorphology and computer science to address a range of research questions at locations around the world. Current topics of research include:

  • Empirical scaling laws for rates of stratigraphic processes
  • Numerical stratigraphy as a tool to quantify gaps and time averaging in the stratigraphic record
  • Bio and lithostratigraphy of the Cambrian system throughout the Himalaya towards understanding of the recent uplift and erosional history of the Himalayan mountains
  • High-resolution biostratigraphic records of graptolites and conodonts of the Ordovician and Silurian
  • Stratigraphic and geochemical constraints on Precambrian Earth’s evolution, including supercontinent cycles, LIP and glacial events, redox changes, and life evolution

Faculty Involved: Bekker,  HughesSadler


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